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These free concerts are held on

Mondays from 12:00 - 1:00 in the Landow Atrium on the lower level of the Gonda Building.

Tim Sparks
Jan 16, 2023
Fingerstyle Guitar

Tim Sparks is an award-winning fingerstyle guitarist. From the early traditional country blues and gospel music he learned in the Blue Ridge Mountains to the jazz, bebop, classical and world music from his varied performances across the U.S. and Europe, Sparks has thrilled and inspired audiences and musicians worldwide. Acoustic Guitar Magazine calls his playing "rich and sensuous," and guitarist Leo Kottke says, "He's really one of the best musicians I know."

Bob Gardner & Cliff Jack
Jan 23, 2023
Jazz Guitar & Bass

Bob Gardner is a bass player for the Rochester Chamber Music Society. He holds an MA in Fine Arts from the University of Montana and an MA in Religious Studies from Indiana University. He works as an educator at Lourdes High School. He is joined by Cliff Jack on guitar from Rochester, MN.

Kathleen Covalt & Tianyao Xie
Jan 30, 2023
Classical Piano & Violin

An avid performer, Kathleen Covalt began violin lessons at age 6 and has concertized since she was 8 years old. She has performed chamber music at venues across the USA and in Europe including performances at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Dr. Tianyao Xie is a pianist with D.M.A and M.M degree in piano performance from Boston University. She studied piano performance under professors Sergey Schepkin, Linda Jiorle-Nagy, Boaz Sharon and Pavel Nersessian. She currently works as a chamber pianist and a private piano teacher.

Andrea Stern
Feb 13, 2023

Harpist Andrea Stern has performed with chamber ensembles and orchestras in the United States and abroad, including Hong Kong, Belgrade, Phoenix, Hartford, Duluth, and Fargo Symphonies. Her eclectic tastes range from Beatles to Bach and from Celtic to classical. She has performed with a number of celebrities, including Sammy Davis Jr., Olivia Newton John, Johnny Mathis, Herb Alpert, and The Moody Blues.

Tim Dallman
Feb 20, 2023

Living in Rochester, Minnesota, Tim Dallman is a guitarist and vocalist who writes and performs his own material and an extensive collection of classic and contemporary rock, pop, country, and folk cover songs. His original songs blend elements of all these styles in fresh and often surprising ways. He released his self-titled album Tim Dallman in 2018.

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