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2019-2020 Season Tickets Now on Sale!

Rick, our artistic director, has a fantastic season planned, and we're happy to offer three unique ticket package options this year.

Just a small heads up, though for our past customers. We’re using a new ticketing software this year. With this new software, you can now select your performance dates and seats rather than Choral Arts Ensemble selecting them for you. But you need to go into each concert, select your seats for that concert, and keep clicking Continue or Continue Shopping to add more tickets to your cart & complete your package.

While this may be frustrating at first, it is an easy process. Of course, if you have questions or prefer to purchase tickets over the phone, please give us a call. We can help. And that’s better than you hating your computer or, worse, hating us ☹!


Season Tickets: $100

Season ticket package includes preferred seats for the two concerts in Lourdes Chapel, Assisi Heights (while they remain) and general seating at Christ United Methodist for the other two concerts. You also receive a free PLUS ONE ticket ($25 value) and a ticket to the Singing for Life High School Choral Festival in February. Once you purchase your season ticket, you’ll be assigned a code. Use this code to select your seats now for the full season or grab your seats for the Fall and Christmas concerts and come back later to get your seats for the spring concerts. As a Season Ticket purchaser, you’ll also be able to use the code plusone2019 on a separate order to get your PLUS ONE ticket (good for a $25 seat at any concert during the season).

Actual value: $149 You save $49 when you buy now!

Season Tickets plus one ticket to A Singing Valentine: $180

This package is the same as above plus a savings of $20 on your ticket to A Singing Valentine, February 15, 2020, our annual fundraising gala.


Three Concert FLEX Pass: $60: You save $15 when you purchase three $25 seats through our FLEX pass. You can use these tickets any way you like—one ticket each for $25 seats at three different concerts or all three tickets at one concert or even two tickets at one concert and one at another! You don’t even need to choose the concerts now. Purchase the pass, save the code, and come back to choose your concerts. FLEX pass is a great way to buy tickets you can use as gifts!

Single Tickets

Prices as posted. You can buy single tickets for one concert or several.


You can sign in to buy your tickets using your email address. When you do, your passcodes will be saved within your account. If you choose to purchase your tickets as a guest, you’ll need to save your confirmation email as that has the code you’ll need to select your seats.

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