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In the Good Old Summertime

While we are mostly very humbled by the generosity of time and resources the hosts and organizers put in to our summer events - all proceeds support the mission of Choral Arts Ensemble - we are also pretty jazzed about the events themselves. There is something for everyone! We look forward to having you join us for some off-season socializing with friends and fellow CAE aficionados.

Who really knows what they like about all the fabulous craft beers available in Rochester and all over Minnesota these days? Some of you certainly do, but for the rest of us, certified cicerone (think beer sommelier) Scott Lyke will help you put it in words at the Craft Beer Tasting hosted by the Altos of CAE July 15. ($40/person; limit of 20)

And what better way to spend a Friday evening in July than outdoors with a glass of wine or beer, listening to some good local musicians and waiting for the steaming pot of shrimp, corn, sausages, and potatoes to be poured out on your table, wet wipes at the ready. All that can be yours at the Lowcountry Boil July 21, hosted by Alan & Jolene Hansen, Bill Wiktor & Elaine Case, Dean & Julie Stenehjem, Mike & Julie Neumann, and Richard & Nancy Brubaker ($50/person)

A garden party in a shady poolside setting seems just the ticket for an August evening. Delicious hors d'oeuvres, a cool glass of lemonade or a refreshing cocktail, and the mellifluous sounds of CAE tenors will lower the heat index right on down. ($25/person; 5:30 pm, August 4)

Late August heralds the return to routine for many of us - school starts, various committees reconvene, rehearsals for the singers begin. As a last hurrah, grill and chill with the basses of CAE. Kick back with burgers and beer and, who knows, polka music? The bass section never ceases to surprise! ($25/person; August 26)

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