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We danced and sang

Our season is officially open following two fabulous concerts in October - a small but enthusiastic audience warmly welcomed us to Chatfield and our home crowd was equally as participatory last weekend at Zumbro Lutheran Church. What a treat to have Juan-Tony Guzman of Luther College sit in with us to play the tambora on a couple of numbers, including his arrangement of the Dominican folk song Chanflin. One of the singers stepped out of our pre-concert run through and shot this fun video.

The choir started the concert with their renowned a cappella singing, opening with Henry Purcell's In These Delightful Pleasant Groves, exhorting all to pipe, dance and sing to celebrate our "happy, happy loves". The foxtrot in the second half brought smiles to the faces of all, proving the wisdom of Mr. Purcell.

Before we opened up the floor for dancing, the choir put down their folders and got their rhythm going with Dubula, a Xhosa folk song from South Africa. It was great fun, and House Manager Scott Kruse got a clip from the balcony.

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