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STOMP your foot upon the floor

Or maybe just tap your toes. Both will be an option at our October concerts. As Stephen Hatfield, the arranger of Dubula, one of the pieces on the program explains, "Many African languages do not have separate words for music and dance," and we don't think you'll be able to resist dancing - whether inwardly or outwardly - at our Voice Dance concert.

From the lovesong waltzes of Brahms to the aforementioned exuberant Dubula, we will looking forward to sharing life's rhythms with you with the help of some special guests: Terry Gresser on drumkit and percussion, Robert Gardner on bass, Remi Moulder on guitar, UM-R ballroom dance coaches and ballroom dancers extraordinaire Yuko Taniguchi and Jeremy Anderson as well as members of their dance team.

Season opener October 29 at Zumbro Lutheran Church, pre-season performance in Chatfield at the Potter Auditorium October 22.

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