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Individual donors make a difference!

Kristine and Julia say Thank you!

Have you noticed we had to add another page in our concert program to acknowledge all of our individual donors? That is equal parts exciting and humbling. Your generosity at all levels keeps us focused on our core mission of bringing beautiful music to life - inspiring, educating, and enriching the community we live in. Here's a big example of how important this is. Because of your donations and with additional funding from the Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation and the Rochester Music Guild, we will be able to hire a fabulous orchestra of regional professional instrumentalists and soloists for our presentation of Messiah pt 2 & 3. Regular concert attendees can attest to the fact that our choral/orchestral concerts in Lourdes Chapel are highlights of our season, and the talent and professionalism of our collaborators on those concerts is a major factor. A different but equally important kind of example are the donors to our Christmas carol commissioning projects - first the Mary Joyce Frantz Memorial Christmas Carol, which ran from 2001-2010, and the current one, the Lloyd Ketterling Christmas Carol, now in its 6th year. This carol series is in honor of Lloyd Ketterling, a long time public school choir director, most notably at John Marshall High School in Rochester, and funded by his family, friends, and former students. This year's Lloyd Ketterling Carol is being written by none of than than Dale Warland, and the fund is always happy to accept additional donations. If you had a favorite school choir director, consider giving in his or her honor. We cheerfully and gratefully accept donations on our website at any time. Thank you for your support. And the concerts you help produce are nothing without people there to share the experience (if a tree falls in a forest...) so join us in October and through the rest of the season!

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