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We say goodbye and we say hello

It was a bittersweet time at the regular June meeting of the Board of Directors. As happens every year at this time, we necessarily must say goodbye to directors who have served their term. With much gratitude for their contributions of time, energy and enthusiasm, we said so long (for now) to

  • Karen Danielson (Marketing committee chair)

  • Jolene Hansen (CAE President 2013-2014)

  • Diane Joyce (CAE President 2014-2015)

  • Carl Lundstrom

  • Loni Neal

  • Amaria Najem O'Leary (happy to say she'll continue to serve as volunteer coordinator!)

  • Jayne Pompeian

The sweeter part of the evening followed, during which we introduced our newest directors who will start their three-year terms officially July 1. We are looking forward to working with

  • Diane Banfield

  • Carol Berteotti

  • Kristine Hanson

  • April Horne

  • Mark Law

  • Nora O'Sullivan

  • Julia Salzman

We are very fortunate that our board members recognize that we have a working board, and beyond their primary duty of oversight of CAE as a non-profit organization, all commit to participation in meetings, committees, concerts (as greeters, ushers and attendees), benefit events and other fundraising/development activities, as well as advocacy in the community for us and for the choral art form. They also bring a wealth of expertise to us from their lives outside Choral Arts Ensemble, and we appreciate the talent and experience they offer to various tasks and issues that come before the board. A subset of the board give even more by accepting the invitation to be an officer (Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, who then goes on to serve as President) or committee chairperson. The next time you see someone at an event wearing a CAE Board of Directors name tag, please thank them! They can't be thanked enough.

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